The Warsaw University of Technology’s branch in Płock offers all its students the possibility of accomodation in the Students’ Hall of Residence ”Wcześniak” at 5, Dobrzyńska Street.

There are 604 places available, with rooms located on the 9th and 10th floors being of a higher standard. The majority of rooms are double ones, but single rooms are also available. Every four double rooms have one annex, which is equipped with WC, shower facilities and 2 washbasins. There is also a fridge and a phone in each annex. Each room has access to the intranet, and to the World Wide Web with a transfer speed of 100Mb/s. On each floor there is a kitchen with gas cookers, and laundry facilities with an automatic washing machine.

More information including the application form for accomodation can be found here.