In the near future you will be making decisions on which college and field of study you should choose. We recommend that you study at The Warsaw University of Technology’s Branch in Płock. Our Branch is an integral part of the Warsaw University of Technology – the biggest, the oldest and top rated technical university in Poland, which according to employers’ ratings possesses the biggest economic potential, due to the fact that our graduates have the highest ability in performing a number of jobs needed for our economy.

The WUT Branch in Płock has already been active for half a century now, working according to the standards of its parent university carrying out an educational, scientific and socio-cultural mission throughout European space for higher education. It has also always promoted its strong connection with the economic and administrative sectors of Northern Mazovia. The Branch offers a three-tiered programme in Civil Engineering and Mechanics and Machine Building (Undergraduate (B.Sc.), Graduate (M.Sc.), and Doctoral studies (D.Sc.)); a two-tiered programme in Chemical Technology and Economics (Undergraduate (B.Sc.), Graduate (M.Sc.)); and a one-tiered programme in Environmental Engineering. The Branch in Plock is based on two main organizational units of the Warsaw University of Technology – the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Mechanics and Petrochemistry and the College of Economics and Social Sciences which is highly valued and respected within the academic community.

Our developing Polish economy needs a lot of graduates from technical faculties, especially engineers. That is why the academic and scientific activity of our university is adapted to the needs of the job market, and aims at ensuring that our technical and economic graduates will find employment in the not-too-distant future.

The academic, scientific and research tasks are carried out based on a very well developed infrastructure, numerous well equipped laboratories, lecture halls, the library with full access to scientific and technical resources both in Poland and abroad, halls of residence, and the sports hall. The Academic Center of Culture with its Folk Dance Company "Masovia", The Academic Sports Association, and the Student Science Centre with its large number of science clubs give students the opportunity to develop their interests.

May your studies at the WUT Branch in Płock help to broaden your horizons, as well as shape your creativity and freedom of thought so that you will succeed in obtaining a degree from our distinguished and internationally recognized university.

Vice-Rector for Branch in Plock

Professor Renata Walczak, PhD, DSc