Housing conditions for students in Płock

WUT Plock Campus offers a fair rent, long and short-term, two-bed (twin) hostel rooms. The average rent for our students is 75-80 EUR per month per one bed (depends on the PLN-EUR exchange rate). The "Wczesniak" Hostel is located near the Vistula River and parks. The nearest general stores are 200 meters away and the WUT Plock Campus Main Building is 1.6 km away (15 minutes walk).



The best choice to get from Warsaw to Plock is to use long distance bus transport service. The trip, from Warszawa Zachodnia station (Warsaw West) to Plock, takes about 2 hours. After you arrive at Plock, you can use the urban transport system or take a taxi. Also, from the Jachowicza Street bus station you can take a walk (1.5 km or 20 minutes).